2010 Cursillo Chairperson Report

By Jenifer Hislop

2010 found Alberta Cursillo in a state of change. We found ourselves in a financial deficit and the Women's Cursillo Weekend of Apr. 29 - May 2/10, was cancelled. These items caused the steering committee to consider the future of the Cursillo movement in Alberta. With this as a topic to be discussed at our Annual General Meeting of September 11/10, it was found that many people have a very strong attachment to Cursillo. The steering committee was encouraged with peoples' response and with prayer and perseverance this movement will continue to play a pivotal part in some peoples' pathway to Christ.

The 2011 dates for Cursillo Weekends are April 28 - May 1/11 for the Men's weekend and May 12 - 15/11 for the Women's weekend. The leaders of these weekends are in place and the teams will be formulated soon.

Items being considered for the future of Cursillo are: coed weekends, weekends available in the different regions of Alberta, and having the weekend catered. All these require prayer, thought, and research into the feasibility of each.

Thank you for your prayers and support of the Alberta Cursillo Movement.

Members of the Alberta Cursillo Steering Committee for 2010-11

Spiritual Director Rev. Connie Lee Edmonton  
Chairperson Jenifer Hislop Edmonton jeniferhislop@gmail.com
Secretary Shirley Leggett  
Treasurer Barb Bailey Calgary jaw@platinum.ca
Newsletter John Lund Calgary jlund@telusplanet.net
Central Area Rep. Gayle Woollard Red Deer gwoolly@telus.net
Central Area Rep. Cathy Janke Calgary cjankeis@shaw.ca
South Area Rep. Eric Daly Calgary  

If you would like more information about the Cursillo Community in Alberta please feel free to contact the members of the Steering Committee. They would be delighted to answer any questions that you might have.